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Can this really work? We've all known for an age that with upscaling it's not possible to replace elements from an image that are not there. In that case then how is it possible to add 3D to an image that was only recorded as 2D? Hmm, I'm not too sure about this, but just for completeness here is the blurb on the VirtualFX 3D Converter:-

"After years of research, a group of scientists and engineers have finally achieved what many have considered to be the impossible: Convert a standard 2D video image into a true, 3D rendering. We recommend an NTSC supported television and DVD player over PAL and no LCD, projection or plasma screens. How It Works: The Virtual FX receives an ordinary video signal through a wire from your DVD, video player, cable box or Game console. It then sends the converted 3D Video signal through a wire to your TV set. The Converter System performs complicated mathematical algorithms which convert standard 2D video into Real 3D that can be viewed by watching your TV with the included 3D glasses. It does this by creating separate and distinct left eye and right eye images on your TV screen and displaying those images in an alternating format. The wireless 3D glasses included with this system operate by receiving an infrared signal transmitted from the converter box. The lenses of the glasses open and close in sync with the televised images ensuring that your left eye sees only the left eye image and vice versa, thus producing true stereographic 3D! VirtualFX is a plug and play unit so it's easy to hook up, just like a DVD player. However, it does have several buttons that are used to enhance the 3D experience. The Input button is set for the type of signal coming into the converter (Game system, 2D Video or 3D Video). The Output button allows you to switch between seeing a 2D or 3D video image."

I have the feeling this isn't going to look as good as Avatar!

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  1. Mikey says:

    You know where it says “Can this really work?”. Delete all the text after that and put “No”.


  2. admin says:

    If you’re going to spam at least remember to fill in the website text box so you get a link back to your site :)

  3. Mikey says:

    It’s not spam. It’s informative, targeted and relevant. I like to see myself as a pundit in the 3D TV World.

    How do you spell Targeted? One T or 2? rules!

  4. Raymond Ard says:

    I saw your blog bookmarked on Furl. I love your site and articles. Keep up the good work.

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